AFC South Q&A: Will speed solve the Texans' offensive issues?

Today's question: The Houston Texans' main goal this offseason was to add speed to their offense, and they did it with nearly every skill position acquisition they made. Lamar Miller, running back Tyler Ervin and receivers Will Fuller and Braxton Miller are all fast. The Texans needed upgrades at all of those positions, but are they overvaluing speed? Will this solve their offensive issues?Wholesale Houston Texans jerseys

Paul Kuharsky, Tennessee Titans reporter: I've got no problem with a slow team seeking to add speed. You can't be a slow yet successful team in the NFL. If you can't threaten to run away from people, you are too easy to defend. But it has to be functional speed. Braxton Miller strikes me as a fast guy who's just a football player. We know Lamar Miller is capable. I don't know that the Texans overvalued it. But just adding speed doesn't solve the issue. The fast guys have to show they know how to use their speed, and the offense has to show it can craft and execute plays that will make it work.Cheap nfl jerseys

Mike DiRocco, Jacksonville Jaguars reporter: Adding speed is always a good idea, provided they're good football players. In this case, the Texans added two good players in Ervin (who ran a 4.41 40-yard dash at the combine and ran for 1601 yards last seasons at San José State) and Fuller, who ran a 4.32 and had 2,352 yards receiving the past two seasons at Notre Dame. Braxton Miller is a fantastic athlete, but whether he can make the transition to receiver is still unclear. If he can, the Texans have the potential for a dynamic passing game. I say potential because everything hinges on whether quarterback Brock Osweiler is any good. All that speed will be useless if Osweiler can't get the Texans in the right play and deliver the ball on time and in the right spot.Wholesale nfl jerseys

Mike Wells, Indianapolis Colts reporter: When is too much speed a bad thing? The Jaguars received the most attention among teams within the division by improving their roster on paper, but I like what the Texans did this offseason, too. It would be hard for Osweiler to be effective if he didn't have weapons to throw the ball to and running backs who could make the offense more dynamic. Osweiler has everything at his disposal to finally have Houston's offense lend a helping hand to J.J. Watt and the defense. Two running backs in Ervin and Lamar Miller. Receivers Fuller and Braxton Miller to go with DeAndre Hopkins. You're potentially looking at a pretty lethal offense and one that will be difficult to stop because of the speed they have at receiver and in the backfield. I could see the Texans having the second-best offense in the AFC South behind the Colts next season. 



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